Tattoo Convention

1. - 3. may, 2020

Norsk Maritimt Museum


The Oslo Tattoo Convention is one of Norway's oldest conventions. The first weekend in May, 40 international and national quality artists will be made available to the public.

All registered tattoo artists have a web link to their previous works - so that the audience sees the style of the artist.

Own agreements are made directly between the audience and the artist - both when it comes to taking tattoos at the fair - and the price for the work to be done.

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Program on stage:

Friday 1. May:

14.00: Tattoo Artist Rigging & Set Up

17.00: Casual Pre-Opening. Some Artists Available - Open Bar & Light Music

20.30: Competition: Best old school of Friday

21.30: Competition: Best of Friday

22.00: Tattoo booths closing, bar is open


Art & Soul Tattoo NO
Art & Soul Tattoo NO - Oslo, Norway
Atomic Circus Tattoo NO
Atomic Circus Tattoo NO Mina - Notodden, Norway
Black Rose Tattoo NO
Black Rose Tattoo NO Tina & Stian -
Bone Rattle Tattoo  SWE
Bone Rattle Tattoo SWE -
Daniele Trabucco On The Road IT
Daniele Trabucco On The Road IT Daniele - Rome, Italy
Del Kartel Tattoo NO
Del Kartel Tattoo NO Kine & Ole - Oslo, Norway
Element Tattoo NO
Element Tattoo NO Hreinn, Catherina & Christine - Oslo, Norway
For Evig & Alltid Tattoo NO
For Evig & Alltid Tattoo NO Martin - Moss, Norway
House Of Pain NO
House Of Pain NO Jakub , Trond, Linn Charlotte -
Ink Drop Studio NO
Ink Drop Studio NO Thomas, Kathrine og Tuva - Asker, Norway
Lagrimas Negras Tattoo ES
Lagrimas Negras Tattoo ES -
LED Tattoo IT
LED Tattoo IT Luca Martin aka LED - Italy
Love Thy Neighbor Tattoo NO
Love Thy Neighbor Tattoo NO - Gjerdrum, Norway
Lucky 7 Tattoo NO
Lucky 7 Tattoo NO - Oslo, Norway
Memento Tattoo NO
Memento Tattoo NO -
Minde Tattoo NO
Minde Tattoo NO Mindaugas Butkus - Oslo, Norway
Moonshine Tattoo NO
Moonshine Tattoo NO Kriss - Kolbotn, Norway
No Worries Tattoo SWE
No Worries Tattoo SWE Mattias -
Northern Ligths Tattoo NO
Northern Ligths Tattoo NO Sherbert Cuff - New Zeland
Oslo Tattoo Collective NO
Oslo Tattoo Collective NO Tina Blackcreek - Oslo, Norway
Serpent Twin Tattoo Collective NO
Serpent Twin Tattoo Collective NO - Oslo, Norway
Tattoo Ole DK
Tattoo Ole DK - Copenhagen, Denmark
Tattoo Tom Studio NO
Tattoo Tom Studio NO Ole & Tine - Strømmen, Norway
Tigr Tattoo NO
Tigr Tattoo NO Tina - Oslo, Norway
Timeless Tattoo NO
Timeless Tattoo NO - Oslo, Norway
Tor Tattoos NO
Tor Tattoos NO Tor-Øyivind - Bodø, Norway
Treehouse Tattoo NO
Treehouse Tattoo NO Ole & Sylva - Oslo, Norway
Uncle Max Tattoo NO
Uncle Max Tattoo NO - Oslo, Norway
VN Tattoo NO
VN Tattoo NO Vilislav Nalbantov - vntattoo@outlook.com
X3M Tattoo & Piercing NO
X3M Tattoo & Piercing NO Margrethe Sandvær - Namsos, Norway
You Gotta Love It Tattoo NO
You Gotta Love It Tattoo NO Dinson - Oslo, Norway


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